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  • How can I reserve a puppy?
    Please see our Puppy Adoption page for more information. Please note: If you do not see our Puppy Application page it simply means we are not currently accepting applications. But, please send us a message and we'll let you know when we expect our next litter(s)!
  • Where are you located? Do you deliver puppies out of state?
    We're located in northern Utah and encourage out-of-state families to fly into Salt Lake City to pick up their new puppy, whenever possible. I will provide all veterinary health certificates needed to fly with your puppy. If an adopting family is unable to come to Salt Lake City, we can recommend flight nanny companies to deliver your puppy to you. We do not ship our puppies as cargo.
  • How much are your puppies?
    Our current cavapoo puppies are: Males: $2,800 Females: $3,000
  • What is the difference between an F1 and an F1B Cavapoo?
    An F1 Cavapoo is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Poodle. F1 coats are typically wavy, plush coats. The poodle studs we use for F1 litters carry two copies of the furnishings and curl coat gene to ensure a doodle look everyone wants. Our F1 doodles will have one copy of the curly coat gene and one copy of the furnishings gene. Our F1 Puppies will be very low to non-shedding. An F1b Cavapoo is an F1 Cavapoo x Poodle. In an F1b litter, approximately half of the litter will have the same coat genetics as an F1 and the other half will have two copies of the curl coat and furnishings genes. Half of the litter will have the wavy, plush coats similar to an F1 and the other half will have more curly coats. Our F1b puppies are low to non-shedding and a great choice for families with moderate allergies.
  • After I choose my puppy will I receive regular updates?
    Yes, after a family has chosen their puppy we update them weekly with pictures, activities/training we're doing, and, if requested, videos!
  • What vaccines and dewormings do puppies receive before going home?
    All puppies receive their first shots and health checks at 7 weeks (from our vet) before going home with you. They are also dewormed every two weeks, starting at four weeks. Included in your puppy packet will be a vaccination and deworming schedule your puppy will need at their next vet visit with you.
  • What will I receive with my puppy?
    A full Puppy Packet consisting of: Health records with a list of vaccinations and deworming schedule. Veterinary health check (if traveling out of state). A sample bag of their current puppy food. Trupanion 30 days free health insurance coverage. Scented blanket and toys. One-year health guarantee and signed contract by both parties. Puppy training suggestions and techniques. Tips on how to continue with your puppy’s socialization. A lifetime of breeder support and encouragement.
  • Do you offer a health guarantee?
    Yes, we offer a one-year Health Guarantee against life threatening congenital defects. Our detailed contract outlines our policies.
  • What if my puppy is no longer available?
    In the rare case your puppy's vet check is abnormal, you will have the option of a refund or another puppy (if available & of equal value).
  • Do you do dewclaws and dock tails?
    We remove dewclaws from all puppies, but we do not dock tails.
  • Do you early spay/neuter your puppies?
    We do not early spay/neuter our puppies, believing that dogs need some of those hormones to grow properly. We do however have a spay/neuter contract that our health guarantee is contingent upon. Families are asked to email us a copy of their puppy’s spay/neuter vet receipt before its 1st birthday. Our puppies are sold as pets and we ask families to respect our contract.
  • Where are the puppies raised?
    Our mother’s give birth inside our home and our puppies are loved from that moment on. We are very involved in the handling of our puppies from birth, giving them lots of cuddles and attention throughout their time with us. Our three loving children also help with socializing the puppies.
  • Can I visit the parents and puppies before I place a deposit?
    For health and safety reasons, we do not allow casual visits to our home or share our personal address. We want our families to get to know us and make all attempts possible to do so through our website, Instagram, and personal communication. We truly love and care for our dogs and hope that it shows.
  • When can we pick up our puppy or when will he/she be delivered?
    Our puppies are ready or go to their new homes at 8 weeks. Please make arrangements to pick up your puppy within 3 days after the puppy turns 8 weeks old. If a puppy needs to stay with us longer than 8 1/2 weeks due to a new owner’s schedule, we charge $15.00/ day which does not include the fee of extra immunizations or dewormings if necessary. *We will never let a puppy leave our home before it’s ready. If a certain puppy needs to say here longer, we will arrange that with you free of charge. *We request families meet us (at a public place) to pick up their new puppy. We can also meet families at the airport if they plan to fly in or recommend a flight nanny service.
  • Final Payments
    Final pament is due upon delivery or one (1) day prior to the agreed pick up/delivery date for families using a flight nanny/courrier service. This is the total amount minus the $500 deposit. Our prefered method for final payment is cash.
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