Please make sure you read/follow all three steps.

We want to ensure this is as easy as possible for our families. 



All announcements for upcoming litters, puppies being born, and current litters will take place on Instagram.




By turning on notifications, your phone will be immediately alerted when we post, go live, etc. 



We do not accept deposits to hold positions for upcoming litters. We’ve found there to be several problems: 

  1. Huge waitlists can be extremely frustrating as a buyer. Let’s be honest, no one wants to wait a year or two to have a chance at an amazing puppy! 

  2. Communication can be delayed with a huge waitlist. We want to give our undivided attention to our current families and litters of puppies getting ready to transition home.  

  3. Our Mommas are just like us, they can and will miss (heat) cycles. This can leave waitlist families feeling frustrated when a pregnancy doesn’t take.

  4. Puppy prices fluctuate. On a huge waitlist, you're committed to paying a set amount money until you get your puppy. However, puppy prices can change over time.  

Our Solution: 

We will announce our puppies within a couple weeks after birth, show them off on Instagram, then open them up for reservations to the public around 4 - 5 weeks of age. If you follow the FIRST TWO STEPS, you should have plenty of advanced notice for each litter. This will allow us to focus on families adopting a puppy, spend more time working with the puppies, and provide a better experience for everyone. 

Choosing A Puppy

We will post pictures and videos of our new puppies before we announce when they’re available for reservation on Instagram. Example Announcement: “Hi families, we will start accepting reservations for our new litter of F1 Cavapoos this Saturday at 9:00am.” Starting at 9:00am, whoever submits their application/notifies us first will have the first chance to choose their puppy. Families will be contacted within 1-2 days of application submission with any additional questions. We want to make sure our puppies go to the best homes.   


Once approved, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit, which will go toward the final price of the puppy. The deposit shows me you have true intent to bring your puppy home and takes away opportunities from other families hoping to get a Mountain View puppy. Deposits do not roll over to any other litter and are only valid for the puppy you choose. We accept our deposits via Venmo and PayPal Friends & Family.  

Get Prepared For Your New Puppy

You will get a message from me (once I have received your deposit) letting you know what to expect for the next couple weeks until your puppy comes home. I'll send you information about a go-home date, pick up, things you will need to get your puppy, health insurance, etc.  

*Please note: Mountain View Doodles reserves the right to reserve pick(s) of the litter at any time from any litter for the preservation of our breeding program. We also have the right to refuse anyone that we do not see fit to have one of our puppies for any reason before the puppy goes home. 

Puppy Adoption